Animal Welfare Support has set itself the task of promoting the protection and dignity of animals with our emphasis being on orphaned rhino calves and horses.

We are currently involved in and subsidise two key animal welfare projects that urgently need your valued support.

Rhino Rest – The orphaned baby rhino rehabilitation program strives for the survival of rhinos in South Africa and is active against the barbaric poaching of rhinos which are killed by greedy and unscrupulous international crime syndicates. This is a project that relates to our common future in order to make a meaningful contribution to save the rhino and the wildlife heritage they represent.

Horses in Need – Astonishingly in Europe horses need far more protection and dignity. Often disused and older horses are suffering through the transformation of agriculture and the difficult economic situation in which their owners are. Here we care for and combat the exploitation and present abuse of these once loved animals.

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