In South Africa alone, three to four animals are brutally killed by ruthless poachers on a daily basis.  In 2015 a total of 1338 rhino were butchered in South Africa.

Animal Welfare Support helps in the building and maintenance of Rhino Rest rehabilitation project in South Africa facilitating the adoption and care of orphaned baby rhino as well as injured adults.

To ensure the survival of this protected and threatened species we need your support to also cover infrastructure costs such as grazing plains, veterinary assistance, holding pens, game rangers and transportation.

Qualified conservation officers and rangers conduct on site information lectures to create and promote awareness for the protection of the rhino among the local population groups and tourists.

The sad story and the devastating reality of rhino poaching cannot simply be ignored. Help stop this wasteful carnage by contributing to our rhino welfare project either by donations or development sponsorship.

It is said that for wildlife to survive it must pay for itself and generally speaking this is true but the cancerous increase in rhino poaching is rapidly denuding our wildlife heritage for which we urgently need to take more responsibility and curb the spiral.

We promote and encourage continued public awareness and support for rhino in South Africa and work closely with local communities to serve as active partners in the protection of orphaned rhino.

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